“Home is where Happiness lies”, procuring your home is a onetime investment. Buying a home includes searching for them in a specified area, at a reasonable price with numerous legalities. Many important points are to be considered while buying or selling an apartment. So if you are about to buy1-BHK, 2-BHK, or 3-BHK flat in Thane/Andheri/Malad or any other area for the first time and you don’t have a the desired knowledge about real estate trends then, seeking advice from a real estate advisory should be your first step towards home procurements.
  1. Real estate expertise doesn’t cost buyers
Most home buyers have a perception, that consultation with a real estate advisor will cost them.  However that’s not the scenario as it is the developers who are responsible for the cost paid to the real estate advisors and not the buyers. An expert just works to get you the best home at the best market price without much hassle.
  1. They have expertise / They are the experts
If you don’t have an idea about buying a property and think that your investment should be beneficial then surrender yourself to the Real estate advisors. Real estate advisors are reliable and have expertise at it. They can clear all your problems and will handle end to end process of buying aflat.They will extract all the details you are looking at eg: what configuration you are searching for i.e.either 1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat. What is your budget and accordingly will suggest, how much loan you should apply for,based on your salary? What amenities do you want?etc.
  1. Real estate advisors serve as catalyst
If you decide to own a dwelling on your own, it’s going to take you a lot of time. A Real estate advisor will speed up the process and will give you ‘n’ number of options for your procurement suiting your configuration and budget with the perfect real estate advice. Sometimes there are flats that are can be procured on special capability of real estate advisors as they have wide market knowledge and sources. So, realestate advisor will provide you with the best deal, which suits your specification best.
  1. Real Estate Advisors are the ‘Best Navigators’
Finding your dream home at a perfect location may become a strenuous task.For instance, if you desire to buy an apartment inThane, and the flat should be nearby Thane station.A Real estate advisor will provide you with the best options of available flats, nearby Thane station.
  1. Proficiency in Negotiation
Experienced Real estate advisors will help clinch their clients the best deal. They are professionals and know the right tactics to negotiate with the developer. Real estate advisors will not only serve as a bridge between the buyer and the seller but they will present their client’s case in the best light.

  1. They can handle legalities
As Real estate advisors are into the industry, they are very well aware about the recent changes in the legal procedures, forbuying a home. They can handle all your paper work efficiently.

  1. Market trends updates
Real estate advisors understand prevailing market conditions in and out and give their clients an honest opinion about real estate trends. For example, you want to make an investment in Thane, expert will advice you whether your investment is economical and beneficial or not, according to the present market trends.
  1. Skilled networking
Buying your house brings along great responsibilities like moving your home, legalities, loans and many such things.Suppose you procure a1 BHK flat in Thane, and the advisor has helped you withbest option i.e.acquired the best flat that is comfortable according to your desired location and budget, a real estateadvisor can also help you with further procedures like loan process, documentations, provide you with moving solutions etc.because he has extensive contacts and can be a one stop place for all your housing solutions.
Real estate advisors are a boon for anyone and everyone who aspires of buying a home. If you want to make the process of home buying or selling tension free and efficient a ‘Real estate advisor’is all you need.


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