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From last few years Ghodbunder Road have shown vigorous infrastructural growth that totally transformed the city landscape, this would not have been possible without finest real estate developers.Due to such rapid growth this place has become prime destination for real estate investors.Today Ghodbunder Road Thane has the finest developers and state of the art properties.

Ghodbunder Road helps its residents to enjoy integrated township facilities, along with providing best and eminent residential projects; it has famous schools and colleges that are at a very short distance, it is peppered with many Bank and ATM branches, many attractive spots to cherish the tourists and the residents as well, Amusement parks and Malls, multi-specialty hospitals with superlative services and has immensely smooth connectivity. Being the busiest road of Thane, it offers great connectivity to Western Express Highway and Eastern Express Highway. It connects Thane to the western suburbs of Mumbai with a ti…


Mumbai has always been hottest place for real estate investment whether it is a luxury property or just a simple flat for dwelling purpose.As far as luxury apartments is concerned, Mumbai is one of the costliest places in the world to buy a house maybe due to stupendous environment,great connectivity and modern lifestyle and therefore it is known as city of dreams and one of the biggest and top financial cities in India,

Mumbai city is the best place for IT companies, is home to Bollywood Stars, Banks, Small Business Firms and many other professionals. Today with its self-efforts and developments Mumbai tops the list of hottest locations for buying a property whether it is a luxury property or just a simple flat for dwelling purpose. Luxury apartments in Mumbai are more expensive as compared to the regular flats in the city, because they offer voluminous flats with plethora of choices for the facilities that are included in the society. Mumbai’s luxury real estate has increased a lot,…


Thane has been great place for real estate investment due to tremendous environment,exclusive transit facilities,accessibilities,residential hub,commercial hub and many more. These facilities attracts the investors and buyers to fulfill their dreams in minimum costs.

Thane has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past few years. The driving force for the growth in the city has been stable infrastructural growth along with developments on the residential and commercial front. Real estate for some people means investment, while for some it is addressing to their shelter needs. Basically procurements depend on the need of a person. Buying a home or investing in property at a particular place revolves around various factors with locality and connectivity being the most prominent one. Therefore, choose your location smartly, according to your budget and needs. With rapid development of social infrastructures and higher ROI (Return on Investment) Thane today is among the top investment dest…


Ghodbunder RoadandMira Roadare booming localities. Investment point of view these two options are best. Location is the main factor and plays vital role in the context of  real estatefor making an investment to reside. Property rates are very reasonable in Ghodbunder Raod and Mira Road. Because of the quick advancement, the zone hasattracted many reputed developers,leading to a surge in launch of many affordable projects. It has a great connectivity to eastern and western Express Highway. These place is also dotted by retail, commercial and residential projects. Ghodbunder Road, Located in Thane west and Mira Road, a part of Mira Bhayendar municipality a part of the Thane District; are amongst the popularly growing suburbs and have risen as the emerging hotspots in Mumbai. Mumbai today is one of the costliest places to invest in a home. Ghodbunder Road and Mira Road have emerged as affordable and lucrative options for home buyers. The growth in these areas can be credited purely to the …


If you buying home for the first time then its very much necessary to make sure that your investment remains risk free. Some important parameters like type of home, locations, amenities, documents and many more which every property seekers should consider before any investment.
Are you property seekers and first time looking for real estate investment ? Then take quick glance on important tips which you must consider before buying your first dream home. We know buying home is dream for one and all.Procurement of a home with careful planning and calculations can be a lengthy one but worth the efforts and time.
Some Important tips which you need to keep in mind before investment :
1) Finance
2) Type of Home
3) Locations
4) Amenities
5) Documents

1)Finance :
The type of abode you would want to choose will depend on how secure and sound you are financially.
Premier step is to analyse your credits and bank accounts.
For example – you decide to buy a home in Thane (properties in thane) which is price…


Investing in ready to move in projects which are free from any hassles and you can start living in your dream home immediately without wasting your hard earned money by paying rent.
A lot of factors need to be considered before buying a flat in Mumbai. Many people have their own house but prefer to stay on rent to live a better lifestyle for the same expense. But owning a home can also give you a disadvantage of less flexibility, when it comes to relocating.

Renting may not always be a waste of money. And buying a residential property in a city may not support many people because of financial reasons and therefore, prefer to rent a home. The various advantages of renting like, flexibility i.e. you can easily locate from one residency to another once the agreement expires, no maintenance cost, repairing costs, insurance bills etc. It is the owner of your house who will take care of these things.

All the above mentioned points may give rise to few questions in your mind like, should I buy …


The National Mission - A Green India is one of the eight Missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change. Primary focus on quality of forests, ecosystem services and democratic decentralization.
GIM puts the “greening” in the context of climate change adaptation and mitigation, meant to enhance ecosystem services like carbon sequestration and storage (in forests and other ecosystems), hydrological services and biodiversity; along with provisioning services like fuel, fodder, small timber and NTFPs.
Green India focuses at protecting,restoring and enhancingIndia's diminishing forest &  responding to climate change by a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures.
More green space within a city`s boundaries can improve the urban environment by reducing carbon emissions; water quality is protected; it reduces heat build-up; reduces soil erosion; improves air quality; lowers air temperature; rainfall retention (rainwater harvesting) and helps in natural resource conser…


Buying a new homes requires lots of research regarding locations,project qualities,history of developers,terms of your contract and many more. This research assures you to own your intended dream home at your desires rates.
To not fall into the errors of your own dreams, you can consider the following points before getting started: -Decide on the area you want to buy an apartment. This may involve spending some time in that area or at least doing some research at home. Visit as many places as you can look for properties that fit your criteria, so you’ll have a good idea of what you intend to buy. –Before you get associated with the builder for your dream home, it is necessary that you check for builder’s history and know his credibility. As a buyer and an investor it is important that you make visits to some of his constructions and decide about his quality standards.By checking through the different projects you will be in a better position to make judgement facilities and pricing.  -Acc…


Chembur is a well settled and well managed Northeast area of Mumbai city. Two main highways (Mumbai- Nasik & Mumbai-Pune) are pass through Chembur. Chembur is serviced by the harbor line of Central Railways. Chembur started out as an industrial area, but now it is a large residential suburb.
Old bungalows and villas are now making way for high-rise apartments and lifestyle residential  complexes. Chembur acts as a link between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and with the eastern freeway, connectivity has greatly advanced in the area, reducing the travel time to various parts of Mumbai.It is well connected to railway stations.
It is near to schools, banks and ATMs. Chembur is listed as the third residential destination in  Mumbai, to invest in, after Ulwe and Wadala. Chembur can be one of the prime, real estate destinations in Mumbai, offering a residential zone and ample space for development. Chembur has a very impressive infrastructure - the monorail and the eastern freeway.
The Mumbai Develop…