Mumbai has always been hottest place for real estate investment whether it is a luxury property or just a simple flat for dwelling purpose.As far as luxury apartments is concerned, Mumbai is one of the costliest places in the world to buy a house maybe due to stupendous environment,great connectivity and modern lifestyle and therefore it is known as city of dreams and one of the biggest and top financial cities in India,

Mumbai city is the best place for IT companies, is home to Bollywood Stars, Banks, Small Business Firms and many other professionals. Today with its self-efforts and developments Mumbai tops the list of hottest locations for buying a property whether it is a luxury property or just a simple flat for dwelling purpose.
Luxury apartments in Mumbai are more expensive as compared to the regular flats in the city, because they offer voluminous flats with plethora of choices for the facilities that are included in the society. Mumbai’s luxury real estate has increased a lot, due to new technologies and inventions like well-developed infrastructural facilities such as Shopping Malls, Metro rails, big companies etc.
Every person in this world, whether it is common man or a rich man, has the dream of owning a luxury home and wants to an enhanced lifestyle with top class amenities. But to own such a home one has to dig deep in their pockets and spend a good wealth behind it. So before you put your huge income that you have earned with your hard work, analyze your definition of ‘luxury’ very well.
Luxury means having an element of exclusiveness. Luxury does not only mean the amenities provided by the project. Luxury has different synonyms and it varies from person to person because it mainly depends on what type of luxury you are habituated with. For some people luxury talks about the locality whereas for some it talks about the modern amenities facilitated in their residencies while for some luxury includes both the factor i.e. locality as well as the amenities.
Many a times it happens that, developers sell 1 BHK flat tagging it with the unit of 2 and 3 BHK flats. This is absolutely wrong in terms of luxury apartments because a 1 BHK flat at any stretch of imagination cannot qualify the term ‘luxury’. Being in any context luxury must necessarily have large living spaces. And developers will always continue to call their every project as luxurious, to sell it higher price. But being a buyer you should very well understand the meaning, context and definition of luxury in the residential real estate of India.
Some handy facts that you should consider before purchasing a luxury apartment in Mumbai or anywhere else :
1) Project density
2)  Amenities 
3) Locations
Project density :
Project density defines the number of people residing in the project or the building. There is no rule to calculate or understand this term. But one can easily analyze by understanding the concept i.e. if a project is spread over 1 one acre of land, then it can serve only 60 families in terms of luxury. And if the project exceeds these criteria then it is no more a luxurious project
Amenities :
Amenities are the first thing that people look upon when they go buy a luxury home. They look for extravagant facilities like Swimming pool, well-equipped Gymnasium, Club house, Party rooms etc. to live a comfortable and modern lifestyle. Some of the amenities that contribute to a luxurious definition are listed below,
  • Parking
In India, There is no special parameter to measure a parking efficiency of luxurious projects. But the commonly followed standard regarding parking area is that the number of car parks should be equal to number of bedrooms available in the flat. For instance, if a flat has three bedrooms, than it should provide 3 car parks. And now, many luxury projects in Mumbai provide a puzzle-type and stack parking space.

  • Living spaces and other rooms
To fulfill the criteria of luxury a flat should always have large living spaces with floor to ceiling height more than 12 feet. So, that one can easily decorate your interiors with their preferred taste. The kitchen room should large space with modern interiors. Bathrooms also should be voluminous and should have a pleasing interior.

  • Security
Luxury home locals always expect to be assured that their property and family both are safe in all the aspects. A luxurious project has a well-organized and well-placed security system.

  • Elevators
Separate elevators for the residents and the service suppliers greatly contribute to the term ‘luxury’. It is to ensure that the elevators used by the residents are not populated by the service providers. One should also look upon an important factor that is, the elevators should be quite spacious, so that a stretcher can accommodate easily.
 These are few major steps that you must always consider before buying luxury apartments in mumbai or anywhere else. To know more about necessary tips just visit on blog "LUXURY APARTMENTS IN MUMBAI" listed on wallsnroof website.


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