Moving home can become clumsy and hasty if not planned properly and may create tons of difficulties later. Moving home is considered to be a headache if not planned properly. For example: If you are staying at Malad and planning to shift to Ghodbunder Road, Thane, you can follow these simple steps to have a stress free moving experience.
  1. Get Organized
Being organized always aids in speeding up the process. Organize your belongings, prioritize your packing. Pack all the unnecessary items that are not under daily use at least 1 week prior to your shifting. Get cardboard boxes to pack your belongings and label them properly. Labelling will help you unpack (search out for your belongings) your boxes according to your priorities and make sure everything is in place.
  1.  Monitor Your Spaces
It is of utmost importance that all your belongings should find a place/space in your new home.  Ensure you monitor your space well in advance in order to be clear about what furniture is to be placed where, keeping in mind the most important aspect of no clutter.
For instance, let’s presume you are planning to shift in a 2 BHK flat at Ghodbunder Road, Thane. Since the flats developed by Dosti Group, Wadhwa Group, Rustomjee Group, Kalpataru Group, Raunak Group in Thane are high spacious you can place a C-shape sofa in hall next to window with television in front, dining table in hall next to kitchen wall, refrigerator in space available next to kitchen door. This optimise your space and help you de-clutter from most flats.
  1. Cut-off your Connections
Before you leave your present home make sure you notify or mail all your network providers and other service providers about your move. You can also get the connections transferred to your new address (Ghodbunder Road Thane). Make sure you pay all your bills prior you leave.
  1. Look out for Reliable Movers
A steadfast packer and mover company will serve you a stress free shifting. There are many companies that provide mover services. You can find one online. Search, compare and book the one in the vicinity you are moving to i.e. Ghodbunder Thane as these movers would know the in and out of Ghodbunder Thane. But make sure you pack your valuables yourself and keep them with you during the move.
  1. Clean up the Mess
Anything beautiful of no use is a waste .The more clutter you have, the more time and money it will take to shift. So lesser the mess, the faster you can move. Clear all the waste and unnecessary things, sell the materials you are not going to take to your new home.
  1. Be legally sound/ keep your legal documents safe
Misplacing your important documents during the time of shifting is a common thing. Your legal documents are your identity and it is mandatory to keep them safe. Make sure you get all the legal work of transferring property papers etc. done on time.
  1. Clean up your apartment and check it out
For example, if you are looking to purchase a resale flat at Ghodunder Road Thane you need to ensure its clean enough i.e. no paint is chipped, no waste materials etc. are lying down and all essential connections, water supply are working properly. If anything is pending, get it done before you move in. In case of newly constructed properties at Ghodbunder Road , Thane, you don’t have worry or inspect the interiors.
  1. Connect to neighbours
Since you would moving into a new location i.e. Ghodbunder Road Thane, Introduce yourself to neighbours beforehand if you can. It will help give you a positive feeling and they’ll be able to give you some advice about Ghodbunder Road Thane and its functioning.
  1. Explore your locality
One of the most important aspects before you move in to your new locale/home is exploring your locality. Exploring your new locale will help you understand the nearby places and distances. Ghodbunder Road Thane west is the beautiful place to connect with , being located centrally it is well connected via roadways and railways. For eg:  Eastern Express Highway, LBS Marg, Eastern Freeway etc. Thane west is also surrounded by various landmarks like Yeoor Hills, Sanjay Gandhi National Park etc. Various social infrastructures like Bayer Bus Stop, Euro Kids School, Big Bazaar, Q1 Spine Clinic etc. are also located in thane.
  1. Make a survival kit
Make a survival kit for your first night in your new home. This should include items that will get you through the night if it’s too late to unpack or the movers didn’t show up. Helpful items to include might be: non-perishable food, paper plates, plastic utensils, bottled water, a flashlight, a few towels, sheets, toiletries, a blanket, toilet paper, pen/paper, a few small games or magazines and a change of clothes for everyone.
Let moving to your house give you happiness rather than stress. A little smart work will seize away all your worries.
So Let’s Get Moving!!!


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